A Taylored Approach

In an age siloed by screens, schedules and echo chambers, I offer space to pause, reflect, and regain perspective on your leadership. Honest, face-to-face feedback, starting with the right questions is a hallmark of my approach to offering clarity and good counsel. I listen carefully and progress the coaching only according to what is real and present for you in the face of change. – Chris Taylor

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Executive Leadership Coaching

Alongside every successful leader or executive, you’ll likely find a trusted advisor. Although there are often training programs that will help or perhaps a good boss, there are likely few who can give you the individual attention and guidance to be successful. In some cases, it may not be wise to share your inner rumblings within the organization.

Through a coaching process, rather than providing formulaic answers found in most training programs, Chris will engage you in active questioning and consulting, based on her own experiences as a new leader herself multiple times in her career to help you navigate your transition into your new role successfully. Chris will help you design strategies and action plans to achieve your goals.

Chris has a gift for shining a light on blind spots and seeing what you might need to consider to be successful. Chris helps you draw upon your strengths to build your own platform for leadership. The emphasis is on your growth as a leader and the aim is to have peace of mind, knowing that you’re taking charge of all your responsibilities competently and building productive relationships with all stakeholders.

You’re ready to work with Chris when you’re asking yourself:

  • What do I do first? 
  • What do I do myself, and what do I delegate? 
  • How do I let my people know what I expect of them, and what they can expect from me? 
  • How do I use my strengths to lead?
  • Where are my blind spots?
  • How do I delegate while still knowing what’s going on without micromanaging?

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Team Builder Coaching

A team builder’s primary role is to choose the right team to get the job done and support them in doing what they do best.  Winning teams consist of members with complementary skills with aligned values and goals.

The way to get people to perform at their best is to have their best interest at heart, and always act accordingly. This means building authentic relationships, getting to know each person as an individual, their strengths, and aspirations, then supporting them to be successful. 

You’re ready to work with Chris when you’re asking yourself:

  • How do I assess my team? 
  • How do I even know if I have the right people for the job?
  • What do I do a when a team member is no longer the right fit?

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Women in Leadership

Over the years women in leadership have shared with Chris times in their careers where they are asked to negotiate their power in one way or another. Sometimes it’s about having your contributions dismissed, other times you are managing people who are uncomfortable with the authority you hold, other times it’s tolerating bad behavior or even harassment. In these moments it can be easy to sweep the situation under the rug and avoid the tough conversations required. 

How does Chris know this?  She’s been in those shoes each time she was promoted to the next level. Chris has learned how to be firm and persistent in the face of adverse situations, she has learned what to say and do to avoid being drowned out in cultures of ultra-competitiveness, and she has coached many others in their journeys to becoming successful leaders. Taking them to even higher levels of competence and fulfillment. Chris will share stories and insights from her own experiences navigating the dynamics of the competitive corporate environment in top Silicon Valley organizations.

Work with Chris

Work with Chris